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Assessment Services

(Psychological Testing)

I offer two categories of assessment:

1) a career assessment that includes a look at psychological factors, and

2) a diagnostic evaluation (psychological testing)


Career Assessment:


Are you having trouble launching your career, or does something always seem to get in the way? Do you have ideas but find you are having trouble getting started?  Do you get stalled out before you make much progress? Have you found that traditional career counseling wasn’t the right answer for you? You may need something different, and that is where I come in. I combine psychological testing and career assessment—something I can do because I am a licensed psychologist.


What I am offering is different than what a traditional career counselor can do for you. If you need help polishing your resume and writing cover letters, I am not for you. There are lots of great career counselors out there who can help you with that. What I am offering is different: as a psychologist, along with the career assessment I provide, I am able to offer psychological testing to find out if there are psychological factors that are getting in the way of you successfully launching your career. While some people seamlessly move from school to career, other people find that they get stuck, unable to successfully move forward despite lots of advice from family, friends, and guidance/career counselors. That second group—the people who have failed to launch—need more than traditional career counseling, they need two things: 1) a personalized, comprehensive career assessment that includes specific ideas for careers that are a good match for them, along with concrete guidance on how to get there (both in terms of education and experience), and 2) an assessment that looks at the psychological factors that might be getting in the way of doing just that. And that is where I come in—as a Ph.D.-level psychologist, I can provide psychological testing and assessment in addition to career assessment and exploration.


There are various levels of career assessments available these days, mostly consisting of general “interest” surveys that give generic, vague results about what kinds of careers you might like (but without telling you how to get there). If you are reading this page, you are looking for significantly more than that, and accordingly, I am not going to suggest any of those to you. Instead, I offer a comprehensive career assessment using a test that is only available to professionals in the field. The test starts by assessing what your values are, and what careers are in line with those values (this is essential to get a good fit between you and your career). People who are in a career that aligns with their values are more likely to be successful in their job and feel more satisfaction with their career. The test next looks at how your interests line up with various careers, and has specific suggestions for how to gain experience in those fields, and/or what kind of education is needed to access those kinds of jobs. Next, your abilities are assessed, along with how those abilities line up with various careers. Rather than asking you to rate how good you think you are at various things, the assessment takes you through a hands-on, multidimensional battery consisting of eight tests. Your results compare you to others with the same level of education that you have, and match you up with a list of careers that are in line with your abilities. Each of the career fields that you are matched with has a listing that tells you the kind of education and/or experience needed for a career in that field.


I have also chosen to purchase access to a jobs database that links with your results, so your results will be matched up with currently available jobs in the field that are a good fit for your values, interests and abilities.


The other part of the career assessment I do, the psychological testing, will vary in length depending upon the exact tests administered. I start with a thorough diagnostic evaluation interview, which is conducted in person (as opposed to having you fill out forms ahead of time). From there, I will make decisions about which areas need more testing and proceed accordingly. While I am scoring your results, I will have you take the career assessment. That test is done at home via a secure portal, so you can do it at a time that works best for you. When that is completed, I will have you come back either for more testing (if needed) or, if I have enough information by that point, for a feedback session where you get your results. I will also give you a written report of your results. The results will include specific careers that align with your interests, values and abilities (including the experience and education needed for each), along with a link to a jobs database that matches you with jobs that are a good fit for you. If the testing results indicate that psychological issues are getting in the way of you moving forward, I will give you specific recommendations and/or referrals to help you address those factors.


Diagnostic Evaluation:


I also provide targeted psychological testing in a number of areas. This can be helpful if you are concerned about your mood, thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, and want to understand more about them. A diagnostic evaluation is also helpful if you (or your doctor) is concerned you might have a mental health problem, and you would like to diagnose the problem so you can treat it.


Types of diagnostic testing I provide:




Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Bipolar Disorder

Eating Disorders

Personality disorders

Adjustment disorders

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

ADHD (for ages 18+) (NOTE: I do not prescribe medication; that can only be done by a physician)

Help with differential diagnosis/rule out diagnostic possibilities


Types of testing I do NOT provide:


Testing for children

IQ testing

Learning disability testing

Law enforcement/firefighter testing

Pre-employment testing

Bariatric surgery evaluations

Autism spectrum disorder testing

Forensic psychology evaluations

Child custody evaluations

Court-ordered evaluations

Testing for PTSD for Veterans Administration (VA) benefits

Fitness-for-duty evaluations/employer-mandated evaluations

Government disability evaluations

Assessment fees (due in full at the beginning of the first session):

Psychodiagnostic evaluation: $250 per hour (includes face to face time as well as time I spend out of session scoring tests and writing the report)

Career assessment that includes psychological testing: $1,400

Career assessment only (no look at psychological factors): $700

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