Prenatal and Postpartum Resources

Moms usually say the best thing they did as a new parent was join a group of other new moms. It is the best place to connect with moms who are going through the same thing you are, share advice and resources, and it is a wonderful chance to make life-long friends (for both you and your baby). The groups are generally led by a childbirth educator who is an expert in both perinatal issues and child development, and the groups are all designed to be supportive and judgement-free. (And most of them are free!) Here are some local ones:

Moms Outlet: A free support group lead by a professional childbirth educator in Sacramento. Sponsored by Sutter but open to all, regardless of insurance and where you gave birth (and free for all).  Info on the in-person group at the link below, and online support via the Facebook group at the same site:

Free support groups and classes for new moms, moms of multiples and help/support around breastfeeding. These classes and groups are also sponsored by Sutter, but you do not need to be a Sutter patient to attend most of the groups or classes.


Classes, support groups, lactation support, prenatal/postpartum yoga, and mommy/baby activities (prices vary by class/activity)

Support group for new moms (donation-based, so very low cost):

Mindful Mommas at Yoga Shala (look under the classes description under the "about" tab)

There are Meet Up groups (usually free) for pretty much every topic imaginable. Search the site for anything related to what you are interested in: "new mom support group," "playdates Sacramento," "mommy baby fitness classes," "first time moms group," etc.

In or near Sacramento:

Online resources for breastfeeding and parenting: